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Steph Hughes
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I’ve lived what may look from the outside a pretty wonderful life. I’ve had two older brothers and parents who adore me, I’ve had great friends and a lifestyle which has had me enjoying long lunches, a decent salary with overseas business trips, and the opportunity to travel around the world in my free time. I thought I truly had it all.

One day, as I was driving home from work, thinking I lived the dream life, I felt empty inside. "What have I really done today?", I asked myself. I sold people stuff. Yes, they were beautiful products, but I was encouraging materialism and not helping people in the way I deeply wanted. I felt my urge to contribute to society in a more meaningful way. I just didn’t know in that moment what that might look like. A few days later I quit my job and wondered, "what’s next?".

I thought about the obvious things that people-helpers think of. Shall I go back to Uni and study teaching, counselling or social work? Shall I fly to some remote place and volunteer at an orphanage? I was convinced that I wanted to contribute, I just didn’t know how. What I hadn’t yet realised then was that I first have to learn to help myself before I can truly help others.

Life arranged it perfectly. In the same month that I quit my job I met someone who has been teaching me about life and has helped me to discover the real me. I began to see that the journey I really wanted to follow was an internal one. What I discovered is that what I really want more than anything is to learn to love myself. I somehow knew it all along and yet not really enough to do anything about it.

The following five years I spent learning about myself and about my relationship to life. My awareness started to grow about how my negative thoughts and self-talk impacts me in my day to day life. I started to see that underneath this social, bubbly, positive persona I actually had a lot of insecurities and fears which prevented me from being the calm, loving, authentic person that I truly wished to be.

Every day I see parts of myself that I don’t like, and hear thoughts that I would prefer not to be there. Sometimes I get frustrated, and other times I smile and enjoy the challenge of this process. As much as we all like instant results, I can tell you that overcoming deep fear does not happen overnight, or at least not for me.

But I have the feeling that it will all be worth it, because I am learning what I believe is the greatest gift in life - the choice I have in every moment. I have the choice to choose kindness over judgment, stillness over thinking, and love over fear. This choice is my greatest asset, and while I cannot always make the choice I want to, I am committed to practice and develop it for the rest of my life.

I hope that over time I will have more and more choice about my reality, so I will be less dependent on everything outside of me, whether it be people, weather or societal norms. I hope to develop inner strength so that someone can tell me they love me or hate me, and in that moment I will truly be able to choose how to feel within myself. That is what I believe is the ultimate freedom.

Now I wish to share this incredible journey of life with you. I hope that you will also chose to free yourself from your insecurities and make choices that will make your life more beautiful and loving than you may ever really comprehend.

As I go through this process of learning, it will be my pleasure to be a friend with you and hold your hand as you go through your own process of discovering the real you and letting your inner beauty shine.

Hi, my name is Sacha but my friends all call me Sach.

As a young girl, before I was yet a teenager, I showed a lot of promise in tennis. Like most things, if you want to be good at it, it requires a lot of commitment. So for me this meant leaving regular school and starting home school so that I could play tennis five hours a day and travel overseas for competitions. It was a big change! Going through the process of becoming a tennis player taught me a lot about commitment, focus and work ethic. It opened my eyes to the world around me and took me to places I’d never dreamt of visiting.

It also came with a lot of pressure and as I grew older I began to notice my insecurities growing louder and louder.

Am I good enough? What if I fail? Do I really have what it takes? What do people think of me? How come I feel so lonely?

I suffered a lot from these doubts but they were also a blessing! Without them I would never have had the desire to look at and release these ideas I hold about myself. It seems like everyone has a path designed specifically for them. A path that contains both beauty and challenges. If we don’t have challenges how else will we ever go beyond what we already know and explore life outside the limits of our comfort zone?

As a teenager, I traveled the world for tournaments. I played against Caroline Wozniacki at junior Wimbledon, and on the same team as Serena Williams in Washington DC. I experienced relationships and break ups. I saw the Cathedrals of Milan, the sky scrapers of New York City and the beaches of Thailand. But something was missing.

My happiness was totally dependent on how well my results were at the time. I scrutinised my body for flaws. I experienced a deep sense of loneliness and many mornings I would wake up alone, on the other side of the world, and feel reluctant to face the day.

No matter how good I looked, how many friends I had, or how well I did, I never felt I was good enough.

One day, around my twentieth birthday, my brother told me that something had to change, and I agreed. I felt absolutely miserable.

I was fortunate to have incredible support and I started talking openly about how I felt to a friend who I believed didn’t judge me, and whom I really trusted. I didn't know it then, but on that day that I began a process. A process of releasing the negative ideas I hold about myself. I had to learn to be kind and love myself with less conditions; not for how well I did, not for how good I looked and not for what I offered to others. For me!

Through seeing what a difference the hand of another person gives me, I formed a desire to reach out and give my hand to other’s too. Which is why my best friend Steph and I, decided to start RealYou! Now, I no longer play tennis and some of my favourite things to do in life are to spend time with my partner, Adrian, to talk with friends, go for walks, meditate, paint, practice yoga, use my pilots license which I completed a few years ago and occasionally play golf!

I am by no means an expert. Learning to love and be kind to myself is a life long journey - it will never stop. I’m so happy to share my journey and experiences with you, and be in touch through responding to any questions you may have about life. Through our site, I hope you will learn to feel truly confident and love the REAL YOU.