A Little Reminder to Make Time for You

A Little Reminder to Make Time for You

When I sit down to write, my thoughts and feelings often seem to flow from my fingertips. I like to write about topics that relate to whatever I'm going through at the time; a challenging experience trying to say "no", a joyful moment or something I'm working on within myself.

It's basically therapy.

Words tend to come out as though I'm sitting with a close friend having a chat.

But, when I sat down today, with a mug full of milky chai and a couple of Gingernuts (my new tea-dunking obsession), nothing came to me to write about.

I was foggy in my mind and felt blocked by my desire to write something good that would be liked by others, rather than something creative that I would enjoy writing.

I felt very far from being able to write inspiring, relatable words.

You see, I've strayed from my normal behaviour recently. My life is usually very quiet (on purpose, I like it that way!) and I focus on working on myself. After being sick for a few years I learnt to spend quite a bit of time in meditation, up to two hours a day. I connect with people over my work and I practice being focused and present in my relationships. After de-activating social media for two years, I generally don't use too much technology and I stick to my morning routine and exercise each day.

But lately, life has become weirdly hectic.

I have even managed to somehow acquire a second cell phone. What's up with that?!

I first noticed myself becoming more stressed and busy in my mind in January when I worked for a few weeks as a reporter on tv during the ASB Classic. It was exciting and new and I had about 1,000 times more adrenaline pumping through my body doing live TV, than I would during a normal day in the life of Sacha Jones.

My mind felt like one of those little wheels that mice run on, and the wheel has been gathering momentum, spinning faster and faster.

I felt addicted to go! go! go! Slowing down all of a sudden felt "boring", and I was starting to have trouble sleeping. I also noticed I was reaching for my iPhone all the time and that I was becoming way more judgemental of myself.

Other major influences include finishing and moving into our renovated home and starting this very project, RealYOU!

Oh my gosh, it's been so AWESOME going into schools and connecting with such wonderful young women. I am absolutely LOVING sharing my journey and seeing how it inspires others to work through challenges of their own.

But what I have noticed with public speaking, marketing, attending functions, organising mindful and tennis events, moving house, trying new things, mentoring in schools, interviews and emails emails emails, is that it requires A LOT of discipline and organisation to stay focused and be in my "heart", (another word I use for being mindful, present and still).

Up til now, it hasn't gone so well! I've become more stressed.

So, I wanted to ask you; what makes you anxious or busy in the mind and how do you stop it?

This is what I plan to do, myself:

1. Slow down and be present, do one thing at a time

2. Remind myself that no "result" is more important than my own, personal wellbeing

3. Reduce technology (goodbye cellphone #2!)

4. Make time for self-care (welcome back to my life meditation, breathing and "me" time)

5. Follow my priorities. Because let's face it, emails can wait. If this was the last day of my life, nothing would be more precious and important than connecting to my heart and to the people I love

With love, gingernuts and a tea that is getting cold,

Sach xx

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