Five Reasons to Bust Out Your Beautiful Smile Today

Five Reasons to Bust Out Your Beautiful Smile Today

When Mother Theresa (one of the most influential contributors to humanity in the 20th century), set out to choose nuns for her convent she had four pre-requisites:

1. A healthy body and mind

2. Common sense

3. The ability to learn

4. And she demanded that each woman have what she called a "cheerful disposition"

They had to be joyful, they had to do their work (some of which was incredibly painful and dangerous in the slums of India!) with an open heart and a warm, loving attitude. Sometimes, when I'm having a rough day or I'm just feeling grumpy, I like to remind myself to embrace challenges and bring a cheerful attitude to them!

Whether you're back at school this week, stressed out about a relationship or fighting the end-of-summer-holiday-blues, you can still embrace a cheerful attitude too.

Here are five reasons why you should bust out a beautiful smile today!

1. Smiling can change your mood

Did you know that smiling influences the way you think and feel? It has a total mind-body connection. The simple act of smiling sends positive messages and chemicals to the brain. It gives you all those feel good endorphins. Just a small smile can actually physiologically help you to de-stress and become less anxious - yes, please!

2. A positive outlook helps you to overcome obstacles

It's easy to become a victim when life doesn't go our way. It starts with feeling grumpy and ends with blaming everyone for how you feel and emitting a "don't come near me" energy. People who have accidents or major trauma's, are such an inspiration for me. They have every reason to wallow in their own self pity but many are still able to find a joyful outlook on life and smile. It really teaches me something! A joyful outlook helps you to accept the things you cannot change, and change the things that you ARE in control of!

3. Smiling is the most attractive accessory!

Audrey Hepburn said it best, "Happy girls are the prettiest". It's true! When you are friendly and give a smile to someone, it's inviting. 96% of Americans say that a smile makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. A kind, genuine smile is just warm, friendly and inviting!

Caroline's ever present smile seen here after winning Junior Wimbledon
Smile, it's truly contagious.

4. A smile can make you physically healthier

When you smile, it relaxes you and signals your immune system to take a break and regenerate. Smiling also lowers your blood pressure and stress levels. Lower stress levels means less of the stress hormone, cortisol, flying through your body and in turn better hair health, deeper sleep and faster metabolism!

5. Smiles have a chain reaction!

When you are joyful it is contagious! We never know what another person is facing and it can just downright makes another persons day when you smile and ask them how they are. Why not try it?!

Need a little smile inspiration right now?!

Otters sleep together holding hands so the current of the water doesn't drift them apart. So cute!
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