How to Use a Morning Routine to Improve Your Day

How to Use a Morning Routine to Improve Your Day

Following a morning routine is a habit tons of successful people prioritise. From the Dalai Lama and celebrities, to regular people like myself, having a clear morning ritual that you enjoy and are consistent with sets the tone for your day!

I know, I know, some of you will be thinking, “Where will I find time for such a routine?” The benefit of a morning routine isn’t its length, but the consistency you put into it. It doesn’t have to be an hour long process! Taking just one minute before getting out of bed for some deep breathing and setting an intention for the day, allows you to start your day with commitment and a clear mind. It also improves your mood and productivity throughout the day, and who wouldn’t want that?!

A few years ago there were some mornings where I would wake up feeling unmotivated to face the day. I would clutch my phone, filing through emails and Instagram and eventually roll out of bed as late as possible, feeling lethargic and foggy in my mind.

A dear friend suggested that I create a morning routine and stick to it. I thought, “Why not?” Now, no matter how busy my day looks, I make sure to follow my routine (or a shorter version if I am really pushed for time). My morning routine has become a sacred time of the day and I really treasure it. It’s my time to connect to my heart and clear my mind. Then, I feel ready for whatever the day brings!

Try writing your routine down and leave it somewhere you will see it, like your bedroom or bathroom mirror. You don’t have to make it a long list, just starting with two or three ideas is enough! Making yourself do something you find boring or a chore is not the point. So choose things you think you’ll enjoy and can be consistent with!

Here are some ideas for a morning routine:

  • meditation
  • set an intention e.g. be kind, be loving, be present, be patient, be proactive
  • your favourite type of exercise
  • a mini (or full!) yoga sesh
  • a walk
  • taking a bath
  • breathing exercises
  • make the bed
  • a cup of tea or lemon water
  • open your blinds/curtains to the day
  • listen to music
  • take a moment to plan your day
  • eat a healthy breakfast
  • make lunch to take to work/uni/school
  • stop and feel grateful for something
  • take a few minutes to be tech free

My morning routine usually looks like this:

  • Wake up
  • Turn the alarm on my phone off, then put it away
  • Decide on my intention for the day (today’s intention is to be present with what I do and whoever I’m with)
  • Make the bed (a tidy environment helps me to have a clear mind!)
  • Open the curtains to the day
  • Drink a cup of lemon, honey and warm water, or tea
  • Meditate
  • Shower
  • Eat breakfast
  • Now, I’m ready for the day!

We would love to hear about your morning routines. Sharing with others might be just the motivation they need to get going and feel inspired too, so don’t hold back!

Below are some morning routines that might inspire you!

Miranda Kerr (Model and Author)

"Every day I wake up and am thankful for the simple things. My morning routine starts with warm water and lemon. I incorporate ten minutes of yoga as well as a morning meditation to start the day." Kerr, says.

Tony Robbins (Motivation Speaker)

'I made a deal with myself: If you don't have 10 minutes for yourself, you don't have a life,' Robbins said. 'There's no excuse. So I have 10 minutes and I do this little ritual that starts with breathing exercises, meditation and a cold shower to awaken my body.

Ariana Huffington (CEO Huffington Post)

No electronics in the bedroom for this leading lady—you won’t find a cellphone charging on her night table. “I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock” she says. Thirty minutes meditating, a shower, coffee, and she’s ready to go.

Cameron Diaz

The first thing this actress does when she wakes up is make her bed as a way to start her day with a clear, organised mind. As well as drinking water first thing in the morning, meditating for 20 minutes, eating brekkie and then working out.

Jessica Sepel (

Jessica Sepel starts her morning off in a beautiful way that helps to set the tone of her day. She practices some breathing exercises, uses some positive affirmations and has a lemon in hot water to start her day off right.

Dalai Lama

And...well...if you're feeling a little bit adventurous, you could be like the Dalai Lama and wake up every morning at 3.30am for some meditation and exercise, followed by, umm, more meditation! I think we'll leave that one to him though...

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