The RealYou Guide to Feeling Confident in Social Situations

The RealYou Guide to Feeling Confident in Social Situations

What woman hasn't felt a little awkward at school, uni, work or a party at some point in her life? I know I have! I think it's perfectly normal and something we all experience at times.

I'm not going to deny that I care about what people think of me because that would be a lie. I do care.

But I try to remind myself that what really matters is not what people think about me but what I think about myself!

Being kind, loving and accepting of myself is what makes me feel truly confident and happy.

Here are seven ways you can practice feeling more confident in social situations whether it's at school, work, uni or with your friends!

1. Relax and be yourself

Natural is best! Overthinking every thought and word, every action and outfit, makes you more tense. When you're less worried about what others think about you you're the most relaxed and warm. That's also when people like to be close to you!

2. Friendliness, it's a beautiful thing

How do you feel when someone is friendly towards you? It's nice, right! Warmth and openness shows you're approachable and people like to be around that kind of energy. A simple smile is so attractive :)

Caroline's ever present smile seen here after winning Junior Wimbledon
Feeling like you fit in isn't always easy but you are not the only one who feels out of their comfort zone in social situations sometimes

3. Secret: you're not the only one who feels nervous

No matter how cool or popular someone seems, everybody does feel insecure at times. It might help you to remember that it's not just you - everyone else is trying to belong and find their way too!

4. Drop your judgement

It's easy to judge yourself, I know, but that judgement only makes you feel more anxious. Try to be your own best friend; encourage and accept yourself. Plus, it's so nice to be around someone who isn't judgemental!

5. It's not all about you

We all have a tendency to take rejection personally and yet other people are going through their own issues too. If they don't smile towards you, relax, it's not all about you! If we let our confidence rest in the hands of others, we will never truly find it.

6. Don't be afraid to take the initiative

Often we feel afraid to start talking to someone we don't know very well but there is no need to be nervous because most people are just as open to a new conversation as you would be. So why not practice taking the initiative in a relaxed way? Start with a simple, "How are you?" or "How's your day going?"

7. Take a breather

Taking a few deep breaths in and out through your nose will help you to relax as it calms your nervous system and gives clarity to your thoughts. We carry a lot of tension in our shoulders and body when we are nervous. Give your shoulders a little shrug, relax your body and take a few breaths in and out through your nose so you can relax and let your inner beauty shine!

Caroline's ever present smile seen here after winning Junior Wimbledon
I think this quote by Nobel Peace Nominee, Thich Naht Hanh, sums it up best. When you accept yourself and you aren't dependent on the approval of others you will be truly confident xx
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