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Created by two best friends, Steph a qualified counsellor and Sach a former pro tennis player. They have come together to share their personal experiences with you and to encourage you to reach your true potential.

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Face to Face Support

Face to Face support

Talking about what you’re going through can be an important and helpful step towards feeling more confident within yourself. Email us to book an appointment and talk to Steph or Sach face to face.

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Steph Hughes
Sach Jones

As teenagers, Steph and Sach had loads of questions about life. They wanted to talk to someone who would really listen to them and give advice in a non-judgmental, supportive way. "Ask Steph and Sach" was created to provide support for young women, so there will always be a helping hand near by.

With Sach having been a professional tennis player and gone through the mental, emotional and physical pressure that brings, and Steph having studied counselling and worked with people from all walks of life; they have come together to support and share their stories with others. Steph and Sach hope that the RealYou community will encourage, support and inspire you to grow your inner confidence so that you believe that as you are, is truly beautiful.