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RealYou runs two types of workshops; one in schools and the other, privately.

Our school workshops entail a series of one, three or five, 50 minute long workshops for girls Year 7-13.

Conducted by Sacha and Stephanie (our personable, inspiring mentors and role models), they offer young women a safe, encouraging environment to learn and express themselves. Our workshops are interactive, experiential and practical.

Topics covered include:

  • Tools for managing stress and pressure
  • What it means to develop self-confidence; including learning how to say no when appropriate and not being swayed by peer pressure
  • Personal stories and connecting the girls to positive role models
  • Talking about the process of dealing with and letting go of negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions
  • Knowing your boundaries and developing tools and confidence to stick to them (i.e. clarity about your self-set boundaries around relationships, sex, drugs, alcohol and having the confidence not to change for the sake of other people liking you "more")
  • An easy to learn short meditation to reduce anxiety and stress
  • Building a positive body image
  • Using Social Media wisely (i.e. what you choose to expose of yourself, social media comparison, your worth doesn’t rest in the "likes" and "followers" you receive)
  • Developing close connections with friends, family and in relationships through kindness, support, expressing yourself, taking responsibility
  • Building a daily routine

To learn more about our workshops, or to book Sacha or Stephanie for a workshop at your school please contact hello@realyou.co.nz, we would love to hear from you.

Mentoring and Counseling

Sometimes, it’s the helping hand of an encouraging, supportive person through life’s highs and lows that make all the difference. At RealYou we are a big believers in the process of growth and learning and we offer support through one-on-one mentoring and qualified counseling.


Our website offers a space for young women to sign in and receive free, personalised support from Steph, Sach and the RealYou community in a kind, non-judgemental forum. It also contains a plethora of articles covering a range of subjects from confidence and relationships to body image and stress management.

Public Speaking

With Sacha’s depth of experience as a professional tennis player and her openness to share her process with overcoming challenges, she makes an inspiring role model and public speaker. Sacha has experience talking at school prize-givings, assemblies, in class rooms, at conferences, Rotary Clubs and to groups of aspiring athletes.

Sacha and Steph talk with tennis students
Sacha Jones talks with students

"Sacha addressed a group of our senior students, their parents and staff and connected really well with all of them. She delivered a talk to our students which was relevant, inspiring and clearly from the heart. Her messages were so clear and memorable and I know the students are still talking about them. Sacha modelled courage, integrity and confidence which is so important to show our young women today."

- Bernadette Stockman, Principal St Mary’s College

"Being a teenager is a notoriously challenging time and I was fortunate enough to have the hand of a non-judgemental friend whom I trusted, to talk to. That guidance helped me to grow my inner-confidence, respond more effectively to difficult situations and build a healthy body image. Now, nothing satisfies me more than returning the gesture and giving my hand, through RealYou, to other young women and seeing them thrive."

- Sacha Jones, RealYou co-founder